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Health Insurance Express, Inc. is a unit of WorldWide Insurance Services, Inc., a national, independent brokerage company that was founded in 1989. WorldWide is the endorsed insurance broker for more than twenty national associations, membership organizations, and franchise systems.

We chose Arizona for the first Health Insurance Express location because we have maintained an office in Arizona since 2009. We believe that the people of Arizona can benefit from the services of an easily accessible, competent, independent health insurance adviser, especially in this era of health care reform.

It is our hope that Health Insurance Express will change the way that you look at health insurance. By viewing health insurance in the context for which it was originally intended….protection from catastrophic loss when a serious illness or injury occurs...we hope to reduce your cost of coverage and provide more relevant benefits. We know that your overall spending on healthcare will be reduced by paying for primary care and minor medical issues out of your pocket, not with overpriced, over-featured health insurance policies. You will reduce your costs of coverage by doing so. You will also know that when coverage is needed it will be there without limits.

We believe that health insurance premiums are only part of the problem with the cost of healthcare today. We hope to show you some easy steps that you can take to make care more affordable and to lead a healthier life. Under healthcare reform prevention is a free benefit in all of the new health insurance plans. When combined with healthier lifestyle choices and proactive management of chronic medical conditions you will reduce your health insurance costs and live a healthier life.

It is our mission to help Arizonans take some of the easy steps that can reduce their health insurance claims. After all, health insurance claims are the main drivers of health insurance costs. By taking a proactive approach to prevention, healthier living, and active management of chronic medical conditions you will reduce your health insurance claims, and your total spending on healthcare.

Our philosophy of serving our clients is based on four levels of respect. We apply these principles in all of our dealings with you:


Health Insurance Express - Four Levels of Respect for Our Clients

Respect for your intelligence – health insurance sometimes sounds like a foreign language. Some health insurance brokers think that when their clients don’t “know the language” they don’t understand insurance. We know that’s not the case. Think of us as your “translators”. We turn “insurance-ese” into easy-to-understand, everyday language so that you can make intelligent decisions about your health insurance.
Respect for your time – we’re responsive and quick. When you need information we get it to you fast. When we don’t know the answer we find it for you fast.
Respect for your privacy – health insurance is a very personal matter. We don’t share your personal information with anyone and we have tight security, both electronic and physical.
Respect for your resources – health insurance is one of the largest purchases you will ever make. We answer all your questions about coverage choices, medical providers, billing, and claims before you buy. We’ll never rush you into a decision.

We encourage your feedback, suggestions, and ideas. Thank you for this opportunity to earn your business.

To your good health!

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